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Car-Park Studios

"Small in stature, big in sound"



Whether your project tracks in-house or you have remotely recorded tracks that need to be mixed, Eric at Car-Park Studios is ready to bring your music to life. Eric’s been recording and mixing for more than 20 years and has deep knowledge of track arrangement and all the essential engineering know-how to enhance your recording project.

Protools/Logic, 16 tracks of high end Focusrite preamps, Universal Audio Plugins, and multiple albums/recording projects bring Eric the tools and experience needed for your next project.


Remote Recording

Having done remote recording work on a number of albums and projects, Eric has a streamlined a professional approach to mix your raw tracks and will play what's written - or come up with his own parts for your project. Majoring in electric/acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies and minoring in bass guitar and drums Eric brings years of experience to your next project. Recording remotely has never been easier. But mixing remotely is another thing entirely. Weather you need your mixes touched up or dealt with in the rawest form possible, Eric’s years of recording, engineering, mixing and producing will instantly turn your rough DIY into a polished professional sound. 



Doing both in-person and online music lessons, Eric will teach guitar, music theory, and general musicianship. A lot of great teachers will teach you how to play an instrument but not how to play with other people. Being a musician is the sum of many parts and Eric will sprinkle those musical lessons in with the learning of your instrument.

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