Quarantine Dreams,

Lost in isolation during the spring of 2020 I set out to record some of my favorite (mostly) acoustic based songs and put a big rock & roll spin on them. What emerged were dirty guitar laden tracks as a vehicle for vocal harmonies based on the old saying "More Is More".


With the help of bassist Mario Pagliarulo and modern technology Covered was recorded at both of our home studios during quarantine sending tracks back and forth over the internet. I can't emphasize enough how having something like this to do while the world was burning around you can save your sanity. Losing your lively hood/weekly therapy sessions (music heals) is quite jarring and having an outlet during these times has been priceless. 

Also appearing on background vocals for Vic Chesnut's Isadora Duncan are longtime friends and collaborators Micah Munro and CR Gruver. 

The songs more or less picked me. From the second I heard each one I loved them and ended up playing them all on a regular basis. Thanks to Jesse Winchester, Will Straughan (Emma Gibbs Band), Vic Chesnut, Taylor Swift, R.E.M, Gillian Welch, and Willie Nelson, for witting some of the best songs there are.